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Join IntelliGym’s users, who’ve improved their on-ice performance

Hockey Intelligym is an Award-winning computer-based cognitive training software, backed by science, that improves Hockey Sense skills by up to 30%.

How does it actually work?

The program seamlessly measure personal performance with an engaging, game-like training environment, propelling players to enhance skills, fine-tune their ability to recognize intricate ice patterns, and adapt quickly to game dynamics. It masters the art of planning and executing precise passes, and much more.

The use of Hockey IntelliGym offers several benefits for players, including:

Enhanced Hockey IQ and decision- making skills

Improved spatial awareness

Faster reaction time and processing speed

Enhanced on-ice communication and teamwork

Increased Confidence and Mental Toughness

Increased attention control and concentration

Better performance under pressure

“At the NTDP, we were the first team to use this program. We used the IntelliGym a few sessions a week and I immediately began to notice improvements in my game. I was making smart, good, quick decisions on the ice. I’ll try anything if it helps improve my game and it certainly did.”

Matt Nieto

Forward of the San Jose Sharks

About Intelligym

Hockey IntelliGym is an innovative cognitive training program to enhance players’ Hockey Sense. Developed by a team of sports science and cognitive psychology experts, IntelliGym utilizes cutting-edge technology to simulate real-game situations and challenges players to make quick, intelligent decisions.

Used by more than 60,000 hockey players. More than 250 are US Hockey national team players.

Since 2009 USA Hockey’s men’s U18 team has won 8 World championships

The Hockey IntelliGym, USA Hockey’s official computer cognitive trainer, has facilitated over 3 million training sessions.

Let Hockey Intelligym be your guiding star toward a brighter, scholarship-laden future on the ice.

USA Hockey members are entitled to a discount of 15% off the list price. For applying the discount, enter your membership number on the checkout page.

Canadians participating in minor organized hockey
are entitled to a discount of 15% off the list price.